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Bike Ride Packages

Biking is always fun, especially when you are trekking on your favorite destinations. Nothing could mesmerize than a solo bike trip and exploring the hidden beauty of Himalayas.

The Himalayan ranges have the most challenging roads to give you an enjoyable experience of the thrilling and adventurous ride. And that's what bike safari offers to the bikers. The bumpy zones on the obstacle-full pathways allow you to explore the beauty of hidden treasure sites.

However, the new bikers always look for the most dreadful roads where they trek and tour on bikes. Therefore, being the most profound tour and traveler operator here, we offer the most prestigious mountain biking safari packages to the bike riders that fill them with more excitement and joy.

But the question is where you can go on adventurous mountain biking and solo bike rides. Thus, to avoid this dilemma, we are providing our generous team of biking experts who will help you out in finding the right destination for bike riding.

The places where you can have bike rides

One of the most exciting and thrilling roads to have bike rides are the Himalayan ranges. Thus, the bikers must prepare themselves for having an incredible journey along Darjeeling treks, North Sikkim, Gangtok, Bhutan treks, Assam treks, Arunachal peaks, Meghalaya, and the famous Leh Ladakh route.

But the list is never-ending because, at AKK crusier, we are offering you the most exciting and extreme hidden ranges to trek along with your bikes. So, one must be ready to touch the clouds, snow-clad mountains, rivers, valleys, and breathtaking views of the world's highest peaks and fantastic sunset views.

We want that the journey will be an unforgettable experience for you. And that's why we are offering our mountain biking experienced team to explore more. Also, the safety of bikers is our prime concern. So, we also focus on providing you our extreme packages with all the safety measures, precautions, and expert guides so that you can enjoy your journey the most.

AKK crusier office Siliguri

We have our prime branch in Siliguri. We aim to provide an excellent experience of the tour and traveling to your favorite destinations.

Joining our hands and services means complete safety and assurance of a hassle-free journey. Being the leading tour operator, we offer budget trekking packages, travel packages, students tour packages, bike riding packages, and a lot more endeavoring services.

We have an expert team of tour and travel operators who will also help you in finding the right destinations. The best part is we know that every individual wants to have a thrilling ride at least once in their life.

 But don't have those sturdy bikes, so to keep your comfort, we offer rental bullet bike services so that you can have a bike rental from Siliguri to Gangtok trekking route.

Our extreme bike ride packages

Darjeeling Rides

Darjeeling riders, let's pack your bags this time to enjoy your holidays while trekking along with Darjeeling Himalayan ranges. Have a bike rental in Darjeeling from us and explore a beautiful amalgamation of a cultural blend of two distinctive states and nature's lap in a more exciting way. 

AKK crusier now holds your hands and provides you with fantastic bike riding packages with rental bikes like a bullet to trek along the bumpy roads of Darjeeling Himalayan ranges.

The flexibility of packages is our prime goal. Our team will take care of the riders and include all the expenditures of trekking, including meals, accommodations, and lot more services.

Sikkim Bhutan bike trip

AKK crusier also offers an exciting riding package of the Sikkim Bhutan bike trip. An adventurous Sikkim bike trip provides you with an opportunity to explore the beautiful combination of nature's flora and wildlife sanctuary. The rider could also enjoy trekking along the thrilling roads of Bhutan by having a Bhutan bike trip.

The bikers get to live close to nature and snow-clad mountains in pleasant weather. Our team of expert riders provides you rental bike and road maps so that you can enjoy your bike safari at peak.

But before you could go on a biking trip on higher altitudes, we always assure a health safety checkup, including altitude sickness, so that we can provide you with the best medical facilities in case of needs.

Affordable bike rents

Riders always prefer to have a bike on rent that fits their budget entirely and doesn't give the hurdle of debts.

And AKK crusier being the leading bike ride package provider, offers affordable bike rent in Assam so that you can enjoy your trip without paying other debts.
Also, the bike rent in Arunachal Pradesh is quite affordable, which enhances the rider experience. 

Affordability is our foremost goal, and that's where we are working. We have a vision of providing affordable tours and travel packages to the people.

The journey becomes joyful when you have an experienced guide, and that's what we are offering to you. Our trekking and bike riding guides work with you to provide you with the most comfortable trips along the trekking routes.

Some key things to know before having bike riding

The Road trips are always full of adventurous and thrilling modes, especially when we're going on the most dreadful roads of Himalayas. Bumpy roads and scorching weather can be terrible for the people.

  • The riders must have a driving license and must carry their identity document along with them when they are going on trekking border areas
  • So before proceeding for the trip, one must remember to have a complete medical checkup and have keen knowledge about the mountain sickness
  • Also, the users must have basic knowledge of bike repairing and mechanics
  • You need to pack some extra fuel to avoid fuel trouble. Remember you are going on hilly terrains where you don't have many facilities. So, it's better to pack all the necessary tools and equipment before having a bike safari.
  • Medical basic kit must be packed along with other equipment that works well as first aid

Bike safaris are always full of adventure, and here we believe in making your trip full of excitement and adventure. Our dedicated team of experts will help you out in finding the right destination and rental bikes as well.

AKK crusiers always work to make the journey extremely beautiful and full of adventure. To know more details of the exciting bike riding packages and destinations, visit the website or book an appointment with us.

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