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About Trongsa

Trongsa forms the central hub of the nation and is historically the place from where attempts  at unifying the country were launched. Both His Majesty King Ugyen Wangchuck, the Penlop of Trongsa, who was elected the country's first hereditary monarch and his successor, King Jigme Wangchuck, ruled the country from Trongsa ancient seat. The Crown Prince of Bhutan normally holds the position of the Trongsa Penlop prior to ascending the throne. including the present King. The entire landscape around Trongsa is spectacular.

Places to Visit Trongsa

Ta Dzong Museum Trongsa

Ta Dzong is located on the left bank of the Mangde river and above the Trongsa Dzong and itself is a grand circular five-storied tower along with another two towers. It was built by the first governor of Trongsa, Choeje Minjur Tenpa, in the year 1652. There are two temples in this dzong, one is dedicated to the legendary Gesar of Ling and another one is dedicated to Maiterya also called the Buddha of the next age. The museum which was inagurated in the year of 2008 has a total of eleven galleries. 

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