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About Tourism in Nagaland

Nagaland is situated on the easternmost region of India. One of the seven sister states India, Nagaland is covered mostly by high-altitude mountains. The hospitability of the people here and their culture and tradition simply touch the heart. Moreover, the Nagaland is an ideal destination for trekking, rock climbing and jungle camping.


Nagaland is situated on the extreme northern east just below Arunachal Pradesh. It has on its long eastern strip the neighboring country Myanmar. The north is bounded by Arunachal Pradesh, while on its west lies the state of Assam. It is bordered by Manipur on its south.

High mountains, deep gorges, green valleys, twisty streams and exotic flora and fauna found in Nagaland give an idea about the physical features of the place.

Places to Visit Tourism in Nagaland


Kohima was founded alongside the large Angami village known as Kohima Village. It has earned its name in history as the place where the Japanese tide during World War II was halted.

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